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How Colorado Ski Patrollers Are Grinding to Keep The Slopes Safe (5280, 2022)

A Realistic Defense of Skiing the East (Outside, 2017)

How to Undertrain for (and Survive) Your First Marathon (Outside, 2017)

In Praise of the Gas Station Hot Dog (5280, 2018)

Quarantine Baseball: Two Brothers’ Quest to Throw 85 mph (5280, 2020)

The Long Bittersweet Legacy Elitch Gardens Will Leave in Denver (5280, 2021)

The Chicago Cubs and the Mystery of Faith (U.S. Catholic, 2016)

Political & Feature Writing

Race to the Bottom: How the 15-year Gardner- Hickenlooper Relationship Fell Apart (5280, 2020)

Who Is Tim Gill? (5280, 2019)

Can Colorado Burn Its Way Out a Wildfire Crisis? (5280, 2018)

Colorado Billboards and the Mineshaft Gap (5280, 2020)

Billy LoDo Wants to Eradicate Electric Scooters (5280, 2019)

American Climbers Confirm the Hillary Step is Gone (Outside, 2017)

The Commuter Chronicles: Charting the History and Evolution of Denver Transportation (5280, 2020)

KDVR television spot: Commuter Chronicles (FOX 31, 2020)

Why More Than 250,000 Acres of Public Land in Colorado is Inaccessible (Colorado Public Radio interview)

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