Did Everest’s Most Famous Feature Disappear?

UPDATE: In June 2017, my reporting at Outside Magazine confirmed that the Hillary Step, one of the most foreboding obstacles en route to to Everest’s summit, was no longer intact, likely destroyed by a massive earthquake in 2015. Read the updated story.  By Jay Bouchard The Hillary Step is gone, destroyed by a massive earthquake inContinue reading “Did Everest’s Most Famous Feature Disappear?”

How to Undertrain for (and Survive) Your First Marathon

This piece originally was published by Outside Magazine on March 28. (Illustration by Bill Butcher.) By Jay Bouchard  What if, as your first marathon draws near, you realize that your training hasn’t quite mirrored the intensive schedule you committed to 16 weeks prior? What if the work ethic you foresaw when you signed up for the raceContinue reading “How to Undertrain for (and Survive) Your First Marathon”

Why do Mountain Bikers Keep Running into Bears on the Trail?

This piece was originally published by Outside Magazine on March 30, 2017.  By Jay Bouchard  Brad Treat was cruising through a densely wooded trail in northwest Montana last summer when he rounded a corner and slammed into a 20-year-old grizzly bear. Traveling nearly 25 miles per hour, Treat and his bicycle were hurled airborne uponContinue reading “Why do Mountain Bikers Keep Running into Bears on the Trail?”

Sarah Hendrickson’s Historic and Risky Return to Ski Jumping

The 22-year-old Olympian is preparing to launch off an antique, currently defunct jump in New Hampshire to remind people of the sport’s great, overlooked past This piece was first published by Outside Magazine; follow this link to read the story on their site. By Jay Bouchard  The first time Sarah Hendrickson clicked into bindings, she wasContinue reading “Sarah Hendrickson’s Historic and Risky Return to Ski Jumping”

The Chicago Cubs and the mystery of faith

My essay, “The Chicago Cubs and the mystery of faith,” was published online at U.S. Catholic Magazine  May 16, 2016.  The essay will appear in the print magazine in autumn 2016. Access the essay at U.S. Catholic via this link, or read the essay below: By Jay Bouchard I often joke that I came outContinue reading “The Chicago Cubs and the mystery of faith”

Biking by Goffstown’s Nameless Dead

This article was first published by the New Hampshire Union Leader on October 30, 2016.  By Jay Bouchard For more than a century, 710 numbered graves—void any name, date or humanizing distinction—lay hidden in the woods behind the Hillsborough County Farm. But Goffstown’s Rail Trail now runs directly adjacent to those nameless graves, bringing hundredsContinue reading “Biking by Goffstown’s Nameless Dead”

Lessons from the dump, an essay

This essay was originally published on August 11, 2016 by The Good Men Project.  By Jay Bouchard  The dump is where our old toys went to die, and I knew exactly where our yellow peddle-operated plastic tractor was heading that morning. It would have been enough to stay at home and wave goodbye to the sourceContinue reading “Lessons from the dump, an essay”